No need to worry, even if it's your first home!

If you are new to the process, homebuying can be a bit intimidating. This is a time when the expertise of a top Realtor is especially needed. Let me give you step by step instructions and guide you along your way to your first home!

Ask me anything and everything. I have the answers and I love sharing them! When first negotiating your way into the Fayetteville area housing market I will get you started by working together with you to answer the following basics:

How much can you afford?

How one qualifies for a mortgage.

How much should you put down?

How one gets approved for financing? What banks are looking for.

How much your mortgage payments will be.

The tax advantages of buying.

How to buy a home with little or nothing down.

What's better for you? Renting or buying?

Let's get started! Tell me about you and what you're looking for below. No charge and no strings. Just a great start down the path of buying your first home!