Your Mortgage

Knowing what you can afford is the first step, Come to the Process informed!

Pre-qualifying for a mortgage is an important first step in the homebuying process. You can find out exactly how much the bank is willing to lend you. Knowing what you can buy will empower your search! When you pre-qualify you will discover;

How much you can afford for a new property.

Your minimum down payment and the advantages of higher down payments.

What you can afford in monthly payments.

It is extremely helpful when looking at available properties to know exactly which properties are in your price range and how much you can afford to bend for "the perfect home". I can help walk you through these steps and help you get armed with the knowledge you need to make that exciting purchase!


The modern mortgage market offers a variety of mortgage loans catering to the needs of homebuyers. The titles and details of these plans can become confusing, especially as new types are introduced continuously. You can make sense of these loan types, however, if you understand the basic principles that govern all mortgage loans.  Again, you can look to your real estate professional for assistance.

Basic Principles of all Mortgage Loans

All mortgage loans have one of the following features:

As you learn more about the types of financing available, you will notice that some loans appear to have more favorable terms. That may indicate that those loans are, indeed, bargains (and it does pay to shop around), but usually it means that those loans could have some feature that is less appealing to borrowers. For example, shorter-term loans often have slightly lower interest rates compared to longer-term loans. However, the monthly payment for the same amount of principal may be higher because of the shorter term. Variable rate loans usually have much lower interest rates to compensate for the risk the borrower accepts that interest rates will rise in the future.